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Completion IIPA Review

Completion IIPA Review


It's been awhile since I reviewed one of our own beers, as it turns out I'm well pleased with this Double IPA  we have - it turns 2 months old today and it is really coming along nicely. If you hate hops, you will HATE this beer. We did not skimp at all with the late kettle additions and dry hops on the Completion, and the result is a super flavorful, easy to drink big beer that I will be lament being out of. Using the RateBeer system, here are my thoughts - add yours if you've come over to try it...IMG_20121205_114819

This guy finished at 8.2%, 116 IBUs, 1.017 FG

Appearance (4/5): Pours a gorgeous light orange with some ruby hues, good white head on it.

Aroma (8.5/10): Big hop aroma: Grapefruit, Pine and Tropical Fruits all up in your nose

Taste (8/10): Definitely on the hop-focused side of balanced, bitter but not harsh. Citrus and fruit flavor picked up on the nose.

Palate (3.5/5): A little too bitter, but the taste doesn't linger, smooth for a IIPA, no alcohol 'heat'

Overall (17/20) I think it's pretty great, especially for a first attempt. It's a hop showcase, the Pacific Jade and Amarillo dominate, with the citrus and pine flavors filling in the gaps. Next version I suggest we take 15-20 IBUs off and leave everything else the same.

Hope I have some left for our Christmas party...

The Payoff

The Payoff


Faithful blog readers will know that we recently made a recipe based on Firestone Walker's award-sweeping Pale 31 pale ale. *A note about clones: based on what breweries post on their website, one can sometimes surmise some ingredients and specifications (OG, ABV, IBU, SRM) found in a particular beer. So a clone is not following another's recipe, it's like seeing the ingredients (not portions or timing) for some chocolate chip cookies and knowing how many calories are in it and then trying to figure out how it was made.*

So our pale is now ready (dubbed Pale Comparison) and the only true unbiased testing comes blind.

ImageYou who are not blind can tell that we do not have the commercial filtering equipment afforded by FW, so ours is the murky one on the left, that will probably settle over the next 2 weeks.


ImageThree trusted friends and beer appreciators and myself tasted the two blind, like Devin here, who can't trust himself to keep his eyes closed. Surprisingly 4 out of 4 scored ours higher than the Pale 31, and it wasn't even that close. I tasted the Pale 31 second, and was disappointed with it because I thought it was ours - jazzed. The Pale Comparison has a superb nose with citrus and subtle floral tones, and finishes clean but a touch sweeter than the 31. Enough with the bragging, this is why we brew - it's a blast, and occasionally you hit one out of the park. We'll keep this one as a regular in the rotation.