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Bad News is Good News?

In a non-surprising move, I was informed Friday that my company was shutting down my division - that in the near future I will be jobless. We'd been hearing rumors for weeks, and planning accordingly, so the shock was replaced by relief that something was concrete and it's time to move in another direction. I should mention that I wasn't much of a fan of this job. Or the last 3 engineering jobs I've had for that matter...I think it's kind of a 'it's not you it's me' scenario: plenty of folks could be perfectly happy doing what I'm doing. So at a time when I have more responsibility than ever (bambino #1 expected in March), I'm exploring avenues other than conventional employment. Sounds crazy. May be crazy.

I still have a ton to learn about the beer industry and running a successful business, so the time is not quite ripe for me to jump into opening a brewery, which is the long-term plan. Anyone planning on being thirsty summer of 2014? All in all I'm feeling quite a bit of freedom with my new jobless sentence - it's an adventure, one which will likely come with  its sacrifices, but it could also be the defining moment when all the historians look back on my life.

Any advice from those who have walked in these shoes?