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Good Beer for Good

Good Beer for Good


Perhaps my favorite brew night of my short homebrew career last night for the Brew-Night Benefit. Good turnout, Great people, *great chili from my wife, lots of beer questions which gave me my chance to impress/embarass myself,and people all showing up to support some folks who are hurting badly.


Pick Hops not Fights: Devin and Mike for pulling in about 20oz of fresh Cascade hops from my neighbor's vine despite protective spiders.

Wingman: Gregory for sticking it out when I had no true brew partner present.

Most-Excited-to-Use-a-Big-Nose-to-Smell-HOPS: ME!

Aeration Station: Ben W. for giving this carboy the business in the name of science.


Art is for Wizards: Mr. Case for leaving me this on the chalkboard.

Thanks for coming out, the word is spreading that Ex Novo will be brewing first and third Wednesdays of the month, rain or light rain. Boys and girls welcome.

Also, you people are awesome and we raised $1000 to help the Piscitellis with their expenses. If you missed it and are still wanting to give - their Paypal is

*except that it had chicken stock which could have been the silent assassin to poultry-allergic Mike. Sorry Mike.

Fresh Hoppin in the NW

Fresh Hoppin in the NW


It is fresh-hop season up here in the Northwest, the region in the country where the vast majority of hops are grown. We happen to live here, and some of us even attempt to grow our is my first year attempt at some Chinook and Centennial varieties.

Typically hops are harvested,de-hydrated/dried and packaged for use for the upcoming year. A brief window exists each fall where brewers get fresh, many going vine-to-kettle in a matter of hours and fresh hops impart really unique and amazing flavors in their brews. It's hard to describe the taste difference, the bitterness seems to be less harsh, the flavors more pronounced.

Most of the country will not get to experience this glory, as fresh hopped beers need to be consumed quickly - they very rarely get bottled. Do yourself a favor if you live in the NW and attend a fresh-hop festival like this one in Hood River.

Ex Novo will be brewing up a fresh-hop Amber Ale on Wednesday as part of a fund-raising benefit, using what hops I can gather from my yard and my neighbor's Cascade bounty. Stop by and put your nose in some green goodness.