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The Barn Light



We drove down to Eugene this weekend with some friends from Minneapolis to check out The Barn Light, a bar/coffee shop opened by Sarah's old friend Thomas. Not yet two weeks old, The Barn Light  is basically the place that you wish you thought of yourself. Unless you hate vintage and repurposed things done in a tasteful and creative way, you will dig it in its entirety. All of us in the NW have seen reclaimed wood and old items used artistically, but the guys at the Barn Light really went for it, and did it pretty flawlessly. Aside from the vibe, they have a good lineup of draft and canned beer (obviously including Eugene staples Ninkasi, Oakshire, and Hop Valley), unique cocktails, top notch espresso, and some good grub (frito pie.)

So if you find yourself in Eugene for a Ducks game or some other reason, check them out.