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Whilst on a tour of breweries in my hometown of Albuquerque, NM - it struck me that a lot of beverage drinkers stick to their beer favorites, regardless of the situation. Me, I drink what I want when I want it. Despite the snarky ring to the catch phrase, see the truth here fellow beer snob. You are a stout guy, great - I get it...but are you truly enjoying that 8% stout on this 95 degree day in August? Hear me out. There are plenty of different scenarios, seasons, times of day, etc. and hooray there are just as many types of malt-hop-yeast cocktails. I offer no specific advice here other than hey, perhaps you should branch out some - that Pils you're ignoring may very well hit the spot well over the Double IPA you choke down this summer, and vice versa this fall.

brief shoutout to ABQ breweries visited last week: Marble brewery is really, really good. Didn't have a bad beer in the 8-beer flight. La Cumbre, winner of GOLD at the world beer cup for their Elevated IPA, could very well be deserved. Had a blast with friends and family, probably overdid it with my beer geekyness toward the end, and I'm not sorry.