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Wee Wish You a Merry Christmas

Wee Wish You a Merry Christmas


It's an off-schedule brew night tonight as we usually try to stick to 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. I'm blaming this one on Dan although I can't prove anything.... We'll be brewing a new style, a Wee Heavy (strong Scotch ale) with a Christmas twist. Big beers like this one, especially ones with spices, need time to mellow out and have the flavors get to know each other - hence we're brewing holiday beer in October.

Grab a friend or spouse and come out tonight if you read this blog - we're pushing to have brew nights be more social and even fun for people who don't care about making beer. We'll be getting started a bit early, but anytime from 6-8 would be a good time to come by.

Worthless Wednesday

It's a scheduled brew night, and we're not brewing. I never thought 2 weeks would feel like a long time, but I'm getting used to this new schedule. Dan and I wil be drinking a beer tonight and scheming up ideas for our 2012 Christmas beer, next on the burner. Last year's tasted like all-spice tea with booze in it....we're going to do better this year.