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2nd Degree CDA

We at Ex Novo Brewing labored on Labor day, bringing into the world 10 gallons of Cascadian Dark Ale (CDA) and having a mostly enjoyable afternoon in the process. This is a new style for us, and I put this recipe together based on my preferences and staying true to the style as much as possible. ImageGrains: 2-Row, Munich 10 and 20, Midnight Wheat and Chocolate Malts

Hops: Bittering with Warrior, Flavor and Aroma with Amarillo, Cascade, Columbus and Centennial.

Stats: 1.070 OG, 65 IBU, 38 SRM (just about black)

Easing into fall it's time to start asking yourself what you'd like to be drinking when the air crisps up and it gets dark earlier and earlier. Smooth brew day except the last and most sanitation-sensitive step, where we got a hop clog in our counter-flow chiller. I didn't know what the worst thing that could happen was, but turns out that is it. We had 45 minutes of panic and heavy lifting, imparting small 2nd degree burns on Dan's and my shins but I think it all turned out ok (I took pictures of the burns but they are gross and close-up (Tobias Funke style) so I will spare you).


ImageHere's Dan, often referenced yet his first photo debut. It was Dan's idea to start brewing in the first place. Dan is a NICU doctor, and should you unfortunately have your child end up there, you really want Dan to be the guy in charge. Dan doesn't believe everything he reads, and he's smarter than me so I can't argue much when he says things like "there's no way bacteria is going to thrive in such an anaerobic environment" before we pitch our yeast. Dan is an idea guy, one you need around if you are into hatching schemes. Most of our phone calls are about future recipes and the tenacity of the current fermentation, but my wife Sarah and I consider Dan and Jill among our closest friends.