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Monthly Ex Novo News // March 2019

Monthly Ex Novo News // March 2019

Kicking off our monthly recaps, we begin with possibly our biggest month since we opened back in 2014. Beaverton opened, Corrales received government approval to proceed with our buildout, and Portland continues to crank along at a feverish clip keeping up with the demands of all you hungry and thirsty patrons!

Below is a more detailed recap for each location. Check back monthly as we do our very best to keep these newsletters going!

Flint Street Pub


We might be expanding West and South simultaneously, but we’ve still got love for our Portland location! Without our kickass brew crew, front of house staff, and kitchen team, none of this expansion would be possible in the first place.

We’re continually in awe of the amount of beer this little brewery can crank out to keep up with demand. Our hazy program is in full swing, having recently released a special Pineapple Hazy entitled Slice Life in celebration of the Beaverton location, and we’ve got some fun collaboration beers in the works as well. We released Perle Haggard Pilsner in 12oz cans earlier this year, and are planning more seasonal 12oz cans in the near future. The barrel and sour programs also have some fun stuff in the works, as Head Brewer Ryan and staff are constantly experimenting and tweaking. Stay tuned!

Our front of house staff has been crushing it as well, continuing to embody the mission and spirit of Ex Novo and the company’s ethos. With General Manager Brandon helping out with Beaverton as much as possible, our FOH manager Liza has really stepped up to keep the train moving ever forward on Flint. Come down, say hi, and raise a glass to doing good.

Our seasonal menu has been focused heavily on pizza for the last few months in an effort to dial in the process in anticipation of the Beaverton location opening up. Now that Head Chef Chris is starting to come up for air, look for some subtle changes to our food program in the coming months as we step back from pizza slightly to bring you a Spring menu with all your favorites and some new delicious offerings.

We couldn’t be happier with the team we’ve built at Flint Street, and the support we continue to receive from the community. Thanks Portland for a great Winter, here’s to an equally great Spring, sippin’ on suds in the sunshine!

Beaverton Taphouse

Yes! Beaverton is finally open, and it seems that the Portland West Siders weren’t kidding when they told us how excited they were we were opening a restaurant and taphouse in their neighborhood. We’re completely floored with the reception we’ve had and continue to make changes and tweaks to ensure we’re serving our neighbors across the river with the same quality, friendliness, and promptness people have come to expect from our Flint Street Pub.

We held our Grand Opening party on Friday March 1, complete with a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Mayor of Beaverton! We held a raffle to win pizza for a year, and released Slice Life to the thirsty masses. The night was a great success and we’re so thankful for all that made it out! With any new business or service model, some growing pains are to be expected, and we assure you our goal is to provide as seamless a dining experience as possible during busy lunch and dinner hours. We appreciate everyone’s patience and continued patronage as we dial it in.

Corrales Brewery/taproom

We are in the home stretch of our build out of the new brewery in Corrales, NM! We announced this project about a year ago, and have built a new 10,000 sf brewing space, installed equipment, and are now really just waiting on some utility connections in the brewery and we’re off to the races! We hired a Head Brewer for our SW operations, Dave Chichura, and he’s been with us for two months laying the groundwork for plenty of beer. We expect our canning line to arrive next week, and hopefully we’re brewing not too far behind that. We’re remodeling the existing 1,500sf building on the property for our tasting room, we will not have a restaurant for this phase, but we’ll make sure you have options for food every day. It’s been an intense and sometimes stressful project, but undoubtedly one that will be all the more rewarding when it is complete.

COMMUNITAS/giving back


Communitas was born from the idea that we didn’t want to just give away our money, but also wanted to give our time. This April we will be celebrating 4 years! In 2018 we totaled 353 volunteer hours in our community. For the most part, our volunteers are made up of regulars at the Flint Street location, and several of our employees also volunteer as scheduling allows.

When we first began we volunteered on a quarterly basis, but as the group has grown we have begun to contribute once a month. It has been very rewarding to surround ourselves with like-minded people, all while giving back and enjoying craft beer

Communitas volunteers with our local charities, and have developed relationships with Ronald MacDonald House, Kinship House, Grow Portland, Portland Public Schools, Oregon Humane Society, PERIOD, ASO, and recently adopted a bioswale in North Portland next to the brewery. We try to keep our volunteering local to our flagship pub ( North Portland)—but will soon be looking for opportunities in Washington County in the near future now that our Beaverton location has opened.

There are monthly meet-ups at the Flint Street brewery to discuss volunteering opportunities, brainstorm, and sign up for upcoming gigs. After each volunteering effort, we gather at the brewery to enjoy a pint together and debrief.

We were able to write some more checks totaling $10,000 to our nonprofit partners at the end of 2018, and our hope is to continue with these four groups until they’ve each received $25,000 from Ex Novo, at which point we will re-evaluate our partnerships. We hope you can find a way to join us in supporting these groups in your own way as well, they deserve it and are doing amazing work every day.

Those interested in learning more or signing up can find us on Facebook, or email our program lead, Jodi directly at

Cheers to all those that have helped make Communitas the successful volunteering organization that it is! And as always, Drink Beer, Do Good!