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Too Much Craft Beer in the NW? - NO!

Thanks Van Havig from Gigantic for the video that doesn't really substantiate such claims, but offers a pro's well-respected opinion in a fun lil' video clip: [vimeo]

Bosque Brewing Visit

Bosque Brewing Visit


Back in Albuquerque for Christmas, Sarah and I paid a visit to the now-open Bosque Brewing Co. One of the co-owners, Jotham, has been an invaluable sounding board for me during the brewery planning business and I was stoked to finally get in there to try them out. As I often do with a new place, I went with a flight - 7 offerings - which is pretty impressive for a two month old brewery on a 3BBL system. FlightIt was a good lineup of ales - from memory I think there was a golden, two IPAs (one wheat, one English style), a brown, a scotch strong, an oatmeal stout and an amber. Good stuff guys: clean and approachable, laying off the uber-novelty stuff (at least for now). I think the Albuquerque connoisseur and the getting-the-feet-wet-with-craft-beer-person will find something to enjoy at the Bosque.

Hopefully they'll let me hang out after Christmas for a brew day, it's always good to see a new setup and get ideas about what does and doesn't work so well.

Cheers to you discerning beer drinker, merry Christmas.

Double Mountain Bottles Coming to Town!

If you live in Oregon, there's a good chance Double Mountain is one of your favorite breweries. I can still remember the first time I tried the Vaporizer on a summer day and declared it my favorite beer at the moment. So naturally I am pleased that they will be releasing the following into the Portland market this month (sorry if you live other places, your bad).

Doubtful that they will be at grocery stores, but you'll find them at fine bottle shops in the area, and probably at BBQs everywhere.