It makes me very happy to finally get to announce Ex Novo's plans to expand to New Mexico with a production brewery and tap room in 2018! I grew up in Corrales, which is just outside Albuquerque, and I've been in awe of the brewing scene and culture that has unfolded there in the past 6-7 years. When dreaming of what is next for Ex Novo, some moderate growth (i.e. making more beer than we can in our current space) seemed to be on the horizon. The reasons we'll be opening a new brewery there instead of in Portland are twofold:

  1. My wife and I would like to move to NM to be closer to our family, which has put down deep roots.
  2. I would like to bring some of what I started in Ex Novo to the Southwest, and I see great opportunity there as the craft beer culture continues to develop.

In January we closed on almost 3 acres of land in central Corrales (about 1.5 miles from where I grew up). We have big dreams for this property, which will come in phases. In phase 1 we'll be building a new ~10,000 sf building for brewing and packaging operations. We'll have a 20bbl and a 5bbl Brewhouse, one for core brands and the smaller one for R&D and pub-only releases. We'll have our own canning line from the start, which will be very convenient as we'll continue our core brands as well as one-off seasonals that we've become known for. There is an existing building on the property, which will serve as a simple tap room. Phase 2 would see us add brewing space and a full pub/restaurant with a huge beer garden and an acre or so of grass and gardens to enjoy the beautiful NM weather.

The goal is to improve overall quality and consistency of our beer with a more sophisticated Brewhouse and lab, and our current head brewer Ryan Buxton will be overseeing operations and quality control at both locations. We'll be looking to fill the role of head brewer for NM in the coming months.

I could not be prouder of what the team in Portland has accomplished over the past four years, and it is bittersweet to move from this city I love so much. Personally, I'll be spending ~10% of my time in PDX, making sure what we've built continues to exceed expectations, but I know I'm leaving things in very capable hands. 

I'm too familiar with delays to try to commit to an opening date for this new project, but we're hoping to have Phase 1 complete in 2018. Thank you for the support Portland!  Albuquerque area, looking forward to getting to know you better, I love you too.

Joel Gregory

Founder/Owner, Ex Novo Brewing Company

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