Dynamic Duo is set for a makeover, but first, a little history:

Dynamic Duo Imperial IPA burst on the scene in July '15 with an ambitious and exciting goal: to provide an extremely drinkable IIPA and to provide a canvass to showcase different hop combinations. The concept was simple: keep the target specs the same and the malt profile nearly the same, and pick two different hops in combination each time we brew it. Lots of fans may not even know we change it up each time, and many seek out every new combo in their beer quest. After fourteen different releases, we've decided it's time to shift focus somewhat, all for good reasons!


Starting with Project 015, which releases Monday, 9/26, we will be changing the recipes less frequently. We'll also be brewing different malt profiles that fit the season - for example this first one that releases in the first week of fall will get a nice dosage of Rye to the malt bill. The plan is to switch it up every three months , which will allow us several brews with the same product, giving the chance to make minor tweaks and improvements along the way, while keeping it seasonally appropriate and enticing. 

We hope you enjoy the new versions, feel free to let us know what you think!