The days in the PNW get longer, dryer and warmer - and the brewery progresses. Even though we're probably a year or so away from when I'd like to open, I'm looking ahead to the fun stuff, both to get an idea of the real cost of things, and to narrow down the field of contenders. Monday I took a country drive down to Canby to visit Practical Fusion,IMG_5360 makers of brewery equipment and other masterpieces of stainless steel. I've been getting quotes for the past several months from manufacturers all over the west coast (and China), and there is a pretty wide gap in prices for comparable equipment, as well as in the amount of time the account managers want to give someone looking for a brewpub-sized system (me).

Long story short, I met Colin there, and he all but convinced me that I'm going to be getting our brewhouse and tanks from them, they're local, down to earth and quick to respond. They keep prices very reasonable with low overhead and a little bit of magic. I'm stoked, are you stoked?



Also, I've been sort of looking around for a location, just to keep my mojo working, unfortunately we're not too close to being able to sign a lease just yet. This place would be cool though...maybe it will wait for me: