Dan and I went to Burnside Brewery last night, a first for both of us. I've got a thing that I do now (started in Albuquerque) where if I go to a new brewery, I order their flight. I highly recommend this approach if you're interested in seeing what a place can do: if they have one flagship beer and a then bunch of afterthoughts, if they are more creative than dialed in, etc. After tasting the lineup, I order up a pint of whatever I feel like.

Thoughts on Burnside: Pretty cool space, open industrial feel with super high (too high?) ceilings, a massive chalkboard with the lineup on it, nothing totally original but solid nonetheless. I've heard they do good food, but we abstained this time around. The beer was...ok. First off, their Sweet Heat - an apricot and pepper ale - was amazing, and it just won a gold at the Great American Brew Fest last weekend. Not something I'd drink a lot of, but one of the best creative beers I've ever had. Their sour (Gose) was good, refreshing and light - a great intro into sour beers. So those are two unusual beers, after that I wasn't too impressed with anything, especially their Pale lineup (IPA, OPA, DIPA). I feel like you kind of have to have those down in Portland, or else branch out and try something creative.

The place was packed though on Wednesday after 10, so they must be doing something right, aside from their great location...oh yeah, pints are $3 all-day Wednesdays. Good move.

Other thoughts on Burnside?